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How This Millennial CEO Integrates Work & Life To Create The Ultimate Workplace Culture

Millennial CEO, Nick Newsom, shares his beliefs on work-life balance, how he integrates it into his everyday, and how it's paying off in his business.

How To Really Measure Work-Life Balance

Balance doesn’t mean "50-50." It's actually achieved when we feel fulfilled both at work and in life, individually.

New Mexico Ethics Commission Remains Work in Progress

The New Mexico legislature approved the creation of an independent ethics commission during this year's legislative session, but there's still much unsettled about how the body would work.

Volunteers Help Finish Nebraska Trail Work

Volunteers in two cities have stepped up to help finish a more than 320-mile trail after the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission stopped work about halfway through.

Take your love of the environment to work with these 11 products

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Thinking green is more than just a bumper sticker. These days, it’s a whole new way of life...

Colin Kaepernick Has New Negative Leaks Emerge from 49ers over Work Ethic

A San Francisco 49ers staffer has once again shed a negative light on former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, questioning his work ethic and desire to play football.  “As one Niners employee e...

This Guy Wore A Dress To Work To Expose Dress Code Double Standards

On an uncomfortably hot day in Buckinghamshire, England on Monday, a call center worker named Joey tried to wear a pair of “smart shorts” to his office, paired with a black button dow...

Guy Sent Home by Boss for Wearing Shorts on a Hot Day, Returns to Work in Mom's Dress

A 20-year-old English call center employee got sent home from work for wearing shorts so (naturally) he returned in one of his mom's dresses.

Effective Networking Requires Work. How To Make The Most Of Every Event.

Effective networking requires planning and a lot of work. Here are a dozen steps to make your next event more successful.

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